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True North Post - Program Delivery
Program Delivery

True North Post has a team of dedicated assistants and data managers to see your project through from acquisition to delivery. There are support Avid Media Composers available for ingest, syncing & viewing rushes, edits and exports.

Whether your production is single camera with a tight deadline or a multi-camera fixed rig show, True North Post has the experience to deliver it. We work closely with production teams to create bespoke media workflows meaning you can hit the ground running in the edit.

True North Post can master to all file deliverables and tape formats, for UK and international broadcasters. All deliveries go through our stringent QC department, with automated file quality checks, eyeball checks and file fix before your programme is delivered.

We have delivered 1000s of hours of file deliveries to broadcasters around the world.

  • Technical Review & Approval
  • Vidchecker File Test & Fix
  • Work Flow Design
  • Data Management & Back-Up

For further information about program delivery at True North Post, please contact us on 0113 394 5468

Program Delivery

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