21 spacious Avid offline suites, all connected to over 300TB of Nexis storage, supporting large scale multi-suite projects.


Our 7 finishing suites have 4K potential and 5.1 audio mixing capabilities, all brought to you by the region's most talented editors and dubbing mixers.


We can deliver and fix files for UK and international broadcasters, as well as master to all tape formats. True North Post is also 'On-Boarded' for BBC delivery.

True North Post

True North Post has twenty years experience delivering award-winning programmes around the world.

  • Post Production for Channel 4
  • Post Production for BBC
  • Post Production for Meridian Line Films
  • Post Production for Shiver
  • Post Production for Rare Day
  • Post Production for Sky Vision
  • Channel 5 Post Production
  • MTV Post Production
  • TLC Post Production
  • Wise Owl Films Post Production

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