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True North Post

Leeds Voice Over Studio

True North Post offers voice over recording in the heart of Leeds city centre. With free off-street parking, or a five minute walk from the railway station, our post production facility is easily accessible for voice over artists and production staff.

Get directions to LS11 9YJ.

In House Voice Over Recording

For those attending VO recording sessions, our main dubbing suite is large enough to comfortably accommodate production staff, with a clear line of sight to the voice over artist in the booth next door.

Remote Voice Over Recording

If your voice over artist is based in Leeds, and you're not, we provide recording solutions for you to listen in from anywhere in the world. Using a superfast internet connection and Source Nexus our engineers can patch the VO booth mic straight into Zoom or other third-party collaboration tools, meaning you can give feedback on the read from the comfort of your own office.

Voice Over Recording Specification

  • HD Omni Pro Tools Audio Interface
  • Rode NT2-A Microphone / AKG C4000 B
  • AKG K240 Studio Headphones
  • Main VO Booth Dimensions W1.1m L2.3m
  • Main Dub Suite Dimensions W4.7m L5.0m

For further information about recording voice over in Leeds at True North Post, please contact us on 0113 394 5468

Voice Over Studio in Leeds

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